Evaporative cooler cells are a breeding
ground for a broad range of microbes
Scales are built up from minerals deposited
by water moving across the cooler cells
This can clog the cells, reduce air flow, and hinder your
chicken weight gain performance. Applications of current
liquid products tend to be administered inconsistently and
dissipate rapidly over a few hours, leaving the cooler cells

This also blocks air flow, reducing the cooling efficiency of
your evaporative coolers. Scaling can build up over
months or years, making the cells less and less efficient.
Heat prostration and stress can become a real problem
when cooler cells are not working up to par.


Enlargement of cooler cell
using ordinary liquid antimicrobial products
Normal scale build-up
on evaporative cooler cell pad
BIO-STOP provides unique 24 hour
time-released antimicrobial protection
SCALE-STOP eliminates scales
on old and new cooler cell pads

Simply hang BIO-STOP in the return drain of the evaporative cooler ONCE a month during the cooling season.

BIO-STOP is a high performance, EPA
registered “dual-quat” antimicrobial.

Initial release of 200 ppm automatically adjusts over a 30 day period, maintaining the levels needed by the system.


Simply place SCALE-STOP in the evaporative
cooler cell once at the beginning of the cooling season and once toward the end of the season (frequency depends on the hardness of the local water and amount of scale build up on older pads).

Unique time-released neutral pH cleanser works
continuously and will not corrode your
equipment like acid based cleansers.


BIO-STOP comes in 3 colors and 3 sizes.
This makes it easy to choose the correct
dosage and to keep track of strip replacement at the end of each 30 day period.

SCALE-STOP comes in one size and is light blue, making it easy to differentiate from a BIO-STOP strip.

For hatchery coolers, open the side panel to gain access to the water drain tray at the bottom. Lower a BIO-STOP strip into the water drain .

BIO-STOP and SCALE-STOP are not affected by freezing, or storage in freezing or high heat conditions.

BIO-STOP for Growers
BIO-STOP for Hatcheries

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